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The Land Rig Clearinghouse, LLC
Used drilling rigs for sale including box and swing up drilling rigs, carrier mounted drilling rigs, trailer mounted drilling rigs, barge rigs and workover rigs. We are a brokage firm serving U.S. and international rig markets. Browse through our selection of used drilling rigs for sale. inventory includes gas and oil drilling rigs with various horsepower from 250hp pole rigs to 500hp, 1000hp, 1500hp, 2000hp to 3000hp land drilling rigs.
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Featured Listing For Sale
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LCI 2000 HP SCR 20,000+ Drilling Rig USA Box or Swing Up Rigs $15,500,000 +/- USD
** Price Reduction **
OIME SL7 Mechanical Heli Drilling Rig USA Box or Swing Up Rigs $6,565,000 +/- USD
** Helicopter Rig **
Exclusive Listing For Sale
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Land Drilling Rigs for Sale
National 1320, National 1625, OIME 3000, New Build National 1320, LCI 2000, AC E2000, National 1320UE, National 110UE, NOV 1500UE, SELRig National 840UE, Unit U40, OIME SL7, Gardner Denver S1000, Continental Emsco GC500, Brewster N45, National 370, Gardner Denver 700, Unit U-15

Carrier Mounted Drilling Rigs for Sale
LCI 750, LCI 1000, SK 775, Ingersoll Rand RD20, 2008 Moor, Taylor C400, Cooper LTO 550, Cabot 550, Wilson Mogul 42,

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rigs for Sale
TZJ Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig, DSII Trailer Mounted Rig, Ideco H37, Wilson Mogul 42

Workover Drilling Rigs for Sale
New Workover Rigs, Used Workover Rigs, LTO 350, LTO 550, SK 575 Workover Rig,
Wilson Mogul 42 Workover Rigs

Barge Drilling Rigs for Sale
Used Barge Rig, Swamp Barge Rig, Posted Barge RIg, Inland Barge Rig 12X12 Barge Rig, 14X14 Barge Rig,

Rigs Available
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The information contained herein is believed to be accurate but has not been verified. This equipment is sold “where-is as-is” with no warranties from The Land Rig Clearinghouse, PLS, RigData or the Seller expressed or implied.

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